About L7

Level 7 is a holding company based in Miami, Florida. Miami was selected as the company‘s headquarters because it provides an optimal strategic location between Europe and Silicon Valley, ensuring easy access to key start-up locations. In addition, South Florida provides access to the US Hispanic population, and experts are predicting this region to rival Manhattan as an attractive financial center within the US.

As an investor and holding company, the company‘s clear objective is to hold shares in as many innovative and promising companies as possible. Such an investment strategy is generally impossible for the individual investor.

Investing in Level 7 Global Holdings ETI´s provides the opportunity for qualified individual investors to indirectly invest in dozens of companies and sectors with a single investment. The result is substantially higher opportunities for profit while at the same time minimizing risk factors compared to investing in just one company or sector.

Especially today, the number of innovative companies continues to grow, and individual investors generally have no access to these companies in the early stage. Through our global network of experts, entrepreneurs and business partners, Level 7 has access to both new and established companies seeking capital partners to finance their continued growth.
Level 7 Global Holdings specializes in early-stage financing, venture capital and private equity.

What makes the company special is the importance it attaches to transparency, knowing its customers and due diligence, in order to ensure lasting long-term returns for its investors and for the company as well.

We are primarily focused on entrepreneurial companies that provide new and lasting solutions for the global population, especially innovators in technology.

We also look for opportunities with small and mid-sized companies with market experience and ideas for new products or processes, particularly those in the life science, media, energy and environmental technology sectors.

We finance promising initiatives with up to €5 million in liable capital over various financing rounds, taking both majority and minority stakes. We can also handle larger sums together with suitable financing partners. The term of our investment depends on the needs of the company in each stage of its development. We generally assume a term of two to five years, which is enough time to successfully develop ideas and people. The goal of the investment is initially to share in the profits of the company in question and, as it continues to develop, the goal will be to outsource or reduce the investment by arranging a sale or public placement with subsequent IPO.

A quality business plan comprehensibly describes how an entrepreneurial vision will become reality. Together, we carefully analyze all conditions for success prior to each investment. We examine the innovative potential of ideas, the market dynamics and, in particular, the suitability of management.

Level 7 creates and secures business opportunities with its initiative and know-how, which is not limited to the financial sphere. As an active co-shareholder, we consistently pursue the objective of building a sustainable business and increasing the value of our investment.

How can we help you?

Trust and transparency are the key building blocks for the achievement and maintenance of strong customer relationships. These fundamental business principles have been applied by Level 7 since it was founded.