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Level 7 Global Holdings 5,25% ETI Certificate.

Level 7 plans to finance its portfolio growth by offering qualified investors an exchange traded instrument (ETI).

In addition to providing an annual 5,25% yield, this ETI allows investors to participate in the appreciation of its market value which is linked to the market value of L7’s investment portfolio.


Name Asset Backed ETI on Level 7 Global Holdings 5,25%
German Securities ID A17TAW
ISIN MT0000951252
Product type Index /participation certificate
EUSIPA code 1300
Redeemable Yes
Currency Euro
Issue price EUR 1,000,00
Open-ended Yes
Minimum trading size 1 unit
Coupon rate 5,25%


  • Payment of annual coupon in the amount of 5,25% of the issue price
  • US-based company with global operations
  • Annual net asset value calculation by a well-known auditor
  • Profitable forecast with potential for further earnings
  • An investment in dozens of companies and sectors
  • Broad diversification of investments offers good opportunities in the investment market

Important Notice

Do not invest without reviewing the risk factors, terms & conditions and the disclaimer.

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