About ETI
About Exchange Traded Instruments (ETI)

When times are stormy in the financial markets, there is a need for reliable products based on innovative concepts. Moreover, these products should be largely independent of fluctuations in the financial markets. The Level 7 Global Holdings asset-backed certificate offers investors real opportunities because it is based on innovation and corporate value.

A stock exchange traded security that is backed by an underlying asset or basket of assets and delivers the delta one performance of the underlying.

1:1 Participation

ETIs are always feeders into the underlying assets and have no derivative or leverage embedded. An ETI is a “pass through” instrument that delivers the delta one performance of the underlying assets.

Investment Process

ETIs issued on a stock exchange can be purchased by suitable investors through their broker relationships so the sales process is transparent and simple for all parties. Units can be bought also through OTC transactions, “units against payment”.


ETIs issued by a securisation special purpose vehicle (SPV) under ECB regulation 24/2009/ECB are not AIFs and are regulated by the Securisation Act in the country of the issuer (Malta).

Tax Neutrality

Complete tax neutrality for each securisation transaction is achieved.

No Credit Risk

ETIs are issued by a special purpose vehicle (SPV) established under the Securisation Act in Malta which sets out the conditions which imposed on the issuer and any service providers and offers full investor protection against the credit risk of both the issuer and the management company.

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Trust and transparency are the key building blocks for the achievement and maintenance of strong customer relationships. These fundamental business principles have been applied by Level 7 since it was founded.