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"The pre-IPO world just became smaller."

A well chosen investment portfolio of pre-IPO companies, including “start-ups” seeking venture capital funding, and later stage cash-flow-positive companies in need of growth capital. A proprietary investment allocation model designed to minimize risk, while producing maximum profits and a consistent stream of income.

Invest though our exchange traded equity-linked securities delivering a annual interest return and the opportunity for profit participation. Founders receive immediate access to our unparalleled network of investors and specialized investment professionals, and our support in developing their own infrastructure. Access to early and late stage pre-IPO companies offering attractive profit opportunities.

Level 7 Global Holdings Corporation was established as a United States based company to provide investors access to top pre-IPO companies, and a one-stop solution for pre-IPO company shareholders.

Access to early and late stage pre-IPO companies offering attractive profit opportunities. Exchange listed investment vehicle specifically designed to yield both income and capital appreciation elements. Opportunity to provide direct funding to our portfolio companies.


Customized financing solutions developed to maximize both short and long term success of our portfolio companies. An investment partner from start-up through a future liquidity event and beyond. Access to our global network of funding resources and other professionals necessary for the success of any pre-IPO company.

How can we help you?

Trust and transparency are the key building blocks for the achievement and maintenance of strong customer relationships. These fundamental business principles have been applied by Level 7 since it was founded.