Miami, FL, October 16, 2018 – Level 7 Global Holdings Corp. is rolling out its “white glove” token offering advisory practice at this week’s Blockchain Shift Conference in Miami, Florida. The two-day conference, which begins on October 11, 2018, will cover a multitude of blockchain-related topics ranging from innovation to regulation. Given the conference’s subject matter and location, just blocks away from Level 7’s office, it is the perfect opportunity to debut the company’s token offering advisory practice.

Level 7 prides itself on staying at the forefront of innovation. To that end, it has become well versed in the fundraising mechanisms inherent in token offerings. As such, it will be providing advisory services to companies for which token offerings would be a good fit to complement their business models and financing needs.

Just in 2017, token offerings generated over $6 billion in startup capital worldwide. A token offering is a fundraising mechanism used by projects employing distributed ledger technologies to raise capital. There are two types of tokens: utility tokens and securities tokens. Utility tokens have consumptive value. With a security token, buyers own a piece of whatever the token represents. Whether or not a utility token or security token is right for you depends first upon the project itself, but also upon geographic location.

Token offerings, to be effective, also necessitate high quality marketing and structuring, such as in the area of token economics. Level 7 will offer “soup to nuts,” white glove token offering advisory driven towards engineering successful token offerings, and it looks forward to continuing to stay on the cutting edge of this innovative fundraising mechanism.

Through integrating this new advisory service, alongside its current business, Level 7 expects to increase its revenue to between 10 and 15 million U.S. dollars next year.

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Founded in 2015, Level 7 Global Holdings Corp. is a private equity firm specializing in venture capital and focuses on acquisitions bearing one- to three-year exit strategies. Headquartered in Miami with an office in the United Kingdom, the firm acts as an active shareholder by immersing itself within companies in which it invests towards fortifying sustainable and optimal business models. Level 7’s primary investment ethos is geared towards startup companies operating throughout various industries, including finance, media, and technology. It also provides consulting services for companies seeking to raise capital from other sources. For more information, please visit L7holdings.com.


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