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Dual investment strategy: Investing in companies, plus acquisitions and takeovers

In addition to the company‘s core investment strategy of providing venture capital financing for start-ups, Level 7 also strategically acquires shares in established companies with a history of generating sustained earnings and cash flow. The company plans to allocate approximately one-third of its investments capital in early-stage companies which have yet to establish themselves on the market, and the remaining two thirds for investments in companies which are already generating earnings. This portfolio allocation strategy is designed to provide the company with both income and capital appreciation on a sustained basis.

Additional to these traditional holding company investment strategies which primarily consist of minority positions in portfolio companies, Level 7 also targets the acquisition of a controlling or majority stake in companies which have not yet been able to establish themselves successfully on the market. We only invest in only non-hostile turnaround opportunities where the portfolio company can ultimately be sold for profit, or situations where the sale of individual components of the company or its assets will produce a gain. The long-term goal of Level 7 is to earn sustained profits for the company and its investors while at the same time generating steady growth in its asset portfolio.

In order to achieve desired goals and objectives over time, we approach each investment opportunity with the motto, “Begin with the Goal in Mind”. We apply this principle to the basic direction of the company as well as at to each investment we acquire, and this appears to be working. We’ve worked very hard this first year, and in that time have built a profitable debt-free company that owns various interests in portfolio companies. Now that we’ve established a strong foundation, we plan to continue exercising our strategy for many years to come.

One of our core objectives is to build a diversified global investment portfolio exceeding 100 companies across various emerging market sectors throughout the world by the end of 2017, with a focus on investment opportunities in the US, Europe, UAE, as well as the Asian market.

To accomplish this objective, we plan to establish a local infrastructure in these geographic regions first, followed by additional locations in New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. A significant key to the success of this strategy includes hiring a local representatives to identify potential investors and investment opportunities for Level 7, and to act as a liaison between their specific market and company management located at the corporate headquarters in Miami.

We also plan to list our shares for sale in both Europe and the US through an IPO by the end of 2017. We do not wait to see what the future holds, we create it!

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