What´s Important Now

What’s Important Now (WIN) is an evolutionary shift in advertising and tracking

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Midtown Miami Magazine

MMM is a publishing & technology company delivering content and advertising solutions

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Active Ticketing PLC

Active Ticketing PLC is a mobile event ticketing company making significant capital gains and sustainable growth

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Alex Media Technology Ltd.

There is a global crisis of trust surrounding privacy and security of the internet for personal and business

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LocoSoco PLC

We believe that communities are greater then the sum of their parts however all too often there is missed opportunity

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Earlybirds Advisors Inc.

Earlybirds Advisors Inc. is a management consulting company headquartered in the United States. It is focused on

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Please note that Level 7 Global Holdings Corp. is presenting each company in the portfolio, as soon as investment contracts are closed. This doesn`t mean that the investment amount is already fully paid up or the stakes in the investee company are already owned by Level 7 Global Holdings Corp. It is possible that Level 7 Global Holdings Corp. and the investee companies have agreed on later payment terms.

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Trust and transparency are the key building blocks for the achievement and maintenance of strong customer relationships. These fundamental business principles have been applied by Level 7 since it was founded.